Ninja CPA Affiliate Network Review

As a business in the digital age, you want to get as many customers as possible. The internet makes prospects accessible from anywhere, and your customer base is only limited by how much time you are willing to spend marketing. However, finding the right affiliate programs is not always easy and can be expensive, so when it comes to an online marketing partner, the search is over with Ninja CPA Affiliate Network. here is a Ninja CPA Affiliate Network review.


Ninja, Inc. is an online advertising network with a low-cost, high-quality approach to lead generation. They offer services that include ad placements both on the website and on social media, remarketing (which allows you to retarget visitors who viewed your site), and analytics for your campaigns. Their target market is small businesses with their digital marketing team, primarily focused on web traffic generation for search engine optimization and SEO. Ninjas CPA partner program offers some of the most affordable lead generation solutions available today.


Once you join the network and become a member, you receive access to various marketing tools that you can use to find the products or services that will work best for your promotion. There are plenty of different tools available when it comes to promoting these opportunities, and they include:

  • ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE – this program is designed for small business owners and marketers who want to keep an eye on their finances while working online. It is available in many different languages and is easy to use. You can also get it in PDF format to read it offline.
  • WEB DESIGN TEMPLATES – this is an excellent tool for people who want to create their websites but do not have the time, skills, or budget required to do so. The web design templates provided by Ninja CPA are easy to use, and they are filled with helpful features that can help you build a successful website. You have to pick one out, modify it slightly if necessary, and start making money from your new site.
  • JING PRO – if you ever wanted a way to capture the screen on your computer or smartphone and save it as an image or video file, Jing Pro is the right tool for you. That is a free tool with no adware or spyware features included. You can save any screenshot you take and add it to a list for future use.

Most people get different tools in their Ninja CPA accounts as they continue to build their business online by using the other marketing tools provided by this company. In addition to these tools, members are also provided with access to a massive marketing system that can help them develop successful websites and boost their earnings. That is part of the membership they receive when they join the network.


  • EXCLUSIVE AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS– They do not charge any fees for affiliates; the only commission they take is a portion of the sale! Their affiliates are always happy with getting paid in full. Therefore, their affiliates can focus on building their business with no fees instead of worrying about how much they will get paid.
  • NO MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEES– Ninja CPA Affiliate do not charge any monthly maintenance fees – quite the contrary! their customers only get charged when they place a sale. Their affiliates never pay anything in advance, only when they make a sale. That ensures no hidden fees and allows their affiliates to track their financials more accurately.
  • FULLY INTEGRATED TRACKING AND REPORTING SUITE– The Ninja CPA Affiliate Network has one of the most complete affiliate tracking and analytics suites today. The tracking and reporting are fully integrated so that affiliates can track the performance of their campaigns in real-time. Their affiliate portal also allows affiliates to perform many different types of analysis, ranging from simple gauge charts and metrics such as revenue to more complex neural nets and advanced forecasting models.
  • 24-HOUR PRICE PROTECTION GUARANTEE– Ninja CPA Affiliate Network has a deal approval process in place so that affiliates can protect themselves from getting price-matched by their merchants. That helps affiliates get more conversations from prospective customers! One of the most common complaints that affiliates have about other network providers is their inability to match prices. By having a process for price protection, they can put those worries behind their affiliates.
  • UP TO 12 MONTHS OF COMMISSION REVERSALS– Ninja CPA Affiliate Network can only charge commissions on completed sales, so affiliates can rest assured that if something happens – as a price go up, or a merchant decides to no longer accept their payments – they will offer them commission reversals in the amount of the sale. That means that once an affiliate has made a sale through their network, they will never lose any money. That is an excellent perk for affiliates who get their deals approved but are wary about price protectionbecause they know if changes happen in the future.


  • COST PER LEAD (CPL) – The service is more expensive than Google Adwords because it charges you per lead, not the number of clicks you get (CPC). That is because it does not use the same bid prices as other networks, which means you get more money per lead. However, Ninja CPA utilizes a unique cost-per-lead model proven to be higher in quality than other good-quality networks. That is an advantage because it helps you make more money by converting better leads into sales opportunities.
  • LACK OF REPORTING – The network offers no reports, and there is no way to see how much money you have made or lost through your campaigns. You have to pay for a custom report service on that will provide detailed reports on your performance and clickthroughs through the network.
  • LIMITED AD UNITS – The network only offers text advertisements, which can be limited to a small number of text ad types. The selection is also limited, and you can only select one or two ad formats. There is no multi-media advertising available on the service, although it may be available in the future.


It is not a scam, and plenty of people have succeeded when promoting this company’s products and services. If you use the training and marketing tools offered by Ninja CPA, you will be able to earn money online without investing much time or effort, so it is an excellent option for anyone who wants to start working from home.

One of the critical aspects to remember when using Ninja CPA is that it is not a scam. It is a legitimate marketing network that offers many different ways to earn money online, and it has been in business for years. It is easy to join, and the compensation plan provided by this company is lucrative enough to be able to replace your regular paycheck from your office job.

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