Affiliate Blogging Ninja Course Review

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is a globally popular way for individuals to earn money. Many online employees are adopting this strategy like wildfire. Various free affiliate marketing training courses are now available online for many workers. Ninja affiliate training is one of those programs that might help you achieve your goals. Have you heard anything about it? Do you realize how much the course is worth? If that’s the case, we’ll talk about the affiliate blogging ninja course review below for your convenience.

What is Blog Ninja all about?

The Blog Ninja affiliate training course is provided for free to those who want to make money online. This marketing training course is effective and world-class, meeting the needs of affiliate marketers worldwide. The blog Ninja teaches you how to create a blog, monetize it, and post content. The training program walks you through the fundamentals of affiliate marketing step by step. The blog’s videos and instructional strategies fuel your desire to swiftly become a successful affiliate marketing professional.

I have more data about this system to impart to you to help you choose if it merits your time or on the other hand assuming there is a superior framework out there for you. Continue to peruse till the end.

What is the exact training you get inside Blog Ninja?

Ninja, Jeremy’s blog, offers several videos with step-by-step instructions for starting a blog and producing content. Making money by growing our blog is detailed in this blog, which you are interested in learning about. The site features a variety of belts, including white, orange, blue, red, and purple. Each belt indicates a distinct technique or activity required by an affiliate marketer to develop his blog.

Some downsides:

Zero training on niche choosing is not an effective strategy. This is because a marketer has to buy a domain name and hosting to set up a blog.

Keyword research tool training is not available in the program. How come a marketing professional online can achieve success without knowing about SEO techniques. Hence, it is a great downfall of the training program. Missing traffic to your blog is missing your fortune overall.

Another blunder discovered in the application is that a user cannot move forward unless he completes the current phase of training. This is inconvenient for a student since he must wait for assistance from the team to resolve the difficulties before proceeding.

What’s the catch in the blog?

Even the creator of the blog declares the training is free but paying extra fees to receive offers is a catch found in the training program. However, it does not eat your happiness and wealth a lot. You have the facility to reach the white belt stage before you start purchasing his packages. Packages include backups, plugins, and domain names of your own.

Price plans include:

  • $12.95/month for a year
  • $7.97/month for two years
  • $4.97/month for three years

Pros of affiliate blogging ninja course:

  • You intend to take a free training course.
  • The steps are simple to follow, and the video is easy to grasp. There are no confusing phrases or approaches for new or seasoned marketers.
  • Web hosting packages at reasonable prices
  • When you need technical assistance, the team is there to help.
  • The navigation section is unique and adaptable.
  • It is possible to make money online.
  • You will get paid $1.00 through PayPal from the blog Nija for the first lesson.
  • You may get the phone number of supportive staff to help you.
  • The use of WordPress in this blog enhances your learning technique further.


  • A key disadvantage is the lack of a market community to assist participants.
  • There is no such thing as good selection training.
  • There is no instruction in SEO strategies or keyword research. This is a significant disadvantage for a person attempting to achieve online earning goals. This basic training is required for all internet marketers.
  • Many customers have expressed their frustration with the limited access and lack of assistance.
  • It is sluggish and inconvenient for experienced or expert marketers.
  • The training lacks a lot of useful information. For instance, niche selection and successful writing to your comfort.

Who is Blog Ninja For?

The blog Ninja is meant for beginners alone. Especially, those who like to learn online earning through affiliate marketing techniques can depend on this blog to the core.

Is blog Ninja a scam?

Looking at the blog without engaging in a thorough debate or understanding may give everyone a negative impression of Ninja’s blog. You may be dubious about the blog. Blog Ninja, on the other hand, is a legitimate platform for novices to earn money online. You must comprehend and embrace the truth of all free training courses available throughout the world. What exactly is it? It is an expensive upselling engagement that you will have to accept without hesitation. As a result, Blog Ninja is not a scam, but rather a valuable training program that you need to generate money.

Blog Ninja Review

To clarify, Ninja was once known as ShoeMoney. You may find out a lot about this blog by going to The blog is run by Jeremy Schoemaker. This site has a good reputation among clients and has received positive feedback from previous customers on the internet.

My Final Opinion of Blog Ninja

Are you a newbie looking to make money online? Yes, you are invited to join the program in order to achieve your goals with fewer resources and abilities. If you are a seasoned marketer, you should avoid this blog Ninja to your advantage. Furthermore, an intermediary cannot meet his needs with the assistance of this blog. This blog might provide a rookie with desired happiness and success for his guaranteed internet revenue. The Blog Ninja is not a scam, but rather a legitimate application with a few caveats.

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